At MyCanadianLife we create opportunities to socialize memorable moments and celebrate fun times in Canada.

Share your experiences, memorable moments, celebrations, opinions.

FUN contests, free giveaways, savings, and more.

Share Fun Experiences

We come to Canada for a better life and opportunities. Canada has a lot to offer in terms of adventure, fun, diversity, and natural beauty.

At MyCanadianLife we want you to make every moment count, notwithstanding life's challenges. Share your fun experiences, make new friends, and live life to the fullest.

Celebrate Festive & Special Occasions

People from over 250 ethnic origins live in Canada, each having their own distinct cultural celebrations and events.

At MyCanadianLife we want to bring people together to share their cultural celebrations which is woven into the fabric of our multiculturalism.

Cherish Special Moments

In our daily lives there are a number of special moments to cherish - be it celebrating mother's day, father's day, Thanksgiving, graduations...

We help you commemorate these moments by creating fun and engaging promotions.

Get In The Know

Get to know more about the places, products, and services that are part of your Canadian life. We simplify and deliver new information to you on important topics.

We also bring special offers and promotions from the brands that love to be a part of your Canadian life.

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