Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

A festival to unite, celebrate, and share good memories together.

As the summer lights dim and the leaves turn to magical colours, the Mid-Autumn Festival in Canada is all set to raise your spirits high!

Mooncakes are one of the specialties for the Mid-Autumn festival. Their various shapes and sweet flavors are just perfect as treats and desserts for the feast. Families cut the mooncake together and exchange greetings.

Income Taxes

Filing annual income taxes is one of the most important yet stressful aspects of our Canadian life.

To simplify matters for you, we have teamed up H&R Block Canada to bring you helpful tools, accurate information, and peace-of-mind options to deal with your annual taxes.



Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) information for Canadians including links to disease updates, travel advice, how to be prepared, symptoms, prevention, risk, Canada’s response, current case numbers, answers to questions and links to printable resources.


Canada United is a movement that brings fellow Canadians together to show their support for local businesses. Essential to our economy and communities, these businesses need our help now more than ever. So, join the movement and show local some love.

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